I’m on a mission, one of self love and body confidence. A mission that includes getting sweaty & attempting new and exciting recipes in the kitchen. A mission, that together with the help of Michelle Bridges 12WBT, will see me transform into a healthier, happier version of myself.

But first, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Amy Green

I’m a newbie fantasy fiction writer & an even newer budding photographer. I’m happily married & fur-mum to our gorgeous Pug, Archie.We live in beautiful, sunny Perth, Western Australia.


I believe that sometimes we can all be a little hard on ourselves. Especially through the process of wanting to lose weight & become healthier. I want this time to be different, I want to have fun, I want to inspire myself & others, where ever I can of course, and I want to, above everything else, just be happy.
I believe in lifting people up, not tearing them down. In soulful & meaningful conversations and of course, self love.

Instagram: @kickinitwithamy