Goals & Accountability

It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks, between having to apply for my job again (that’s what happens when you work for the government, it sucks!) & everything else life tends to throw at us, it’s been hectic! That’s not to say I haven’t been watching what food goes into my mouth though. I’d like to think I’ve been pretty good, nutrition wise, over the past week, minus a few slip ups over the weekend. Plenty of sunshine & BBQ’s will do that to you though. Cider & cheese are sometimes just too good to pass up!

I have noticed though, with all of this healthier eating, that when I do eat something that I probably shouldn’t, my body pays dearly for it. Cramps & plenty of trips to the toilet. It’s funny how our bodies work.

This week I’ve been completing the second & third 12WBT pre-season tasks, which are Set your goals – say it out loud & Nutrition truths – snack swaps.
Mish is big on goal setting, but to be honest I’m not the best at it. My overall goal for this round of the 12WBT is weight loss driven though. I want to drop between 15kg – 30kg this round. I would be stoked with 15kg but more would be amazing! I want to be able to stick to my goal of following my meal plan & also getting in as much exercise as I can.
I recently got myself a new Fitbit Charge 2 & it’s amazing! I love how I don’t have to wear an uncomfortable strap under my bra to find my heart rate anymore and love that it’s small & comfy enough to sleep with it on. This will be the best little thing for me to track my calories & also my exercise, keeping me accountable.

The third task, Nutrition truths, has so far been a little bit of reading and a short “test” of your knowledge when it comes to nutrition facts. Who knew that 1 serve of fruit is the size of a tennis ball? I sure as hell didn’t! But that’s the beauty about coming back for another round, I’m already learning so many more things to do with nutrition, which to me, is one of the hardest factors of weight loss.
I’ve been trying out a lot more of the 12WBT recipes lately & all have been super yummy of course. I like that I have this pre-season time to go through all of the recipes and find food that is quick & easy to make but also really tasty! Even hubby has been loving the dinners we’ve been enjoying together.


12WBT Chicken & Broccoli Laksa


12WBT Char-grilled Chicken & Satay Sauce


12WBT Herb & Parmesan Schnitzel

I’m hoping to start getting into doing more exercise “on purpose“, that is. I’ve unfortunately been suffering with a sore groin/hip area for a little while now which has stopped me from getting more into it, but I have been able to do my walking with the dog & take him out to play with his puppy pals still which makes the both of us super happy!




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