Excuses? What Excuses?

Trust me, I have plenty of excuses. You need one, I got one!
It’s not that I mean to use excuses not to exercise or eat healthier, but somehow it just happens. Unless of course I do have a valid excuse, that is my Physio tells me to take it easy with movement. The joys of back, hip & knee issues, hello wheat bag!

This is where the first pre-season task from the 12WBT comes in, “Get Real“. As Michelle Bridges says “Getting real can be hard to swallow” and boy does it hurt going down.
I’ve let lots of little things get in the way of me losing weight, being healthier & finding time to do some exercise. In this task Michelle asks that we write down some of our Internal excuses, External excuses & External excuses that we can’t control.

Internal Excuses are those little excuses we make like “I’m too tired” or “I can’t do it” you know the ones, the ones that we manifest ourselves much like “I’m just not good enough“. I’ve used them plenty of times!

External Excuses are something like “It’s too hot or cold outside today“, “I’m too busy” or “I can’t afford it” (hence why instead of paying the $199 upfront I opted to pay weekly increments of $19.99). Yep, I’ve used these excuses heaps!

External Excuses – out of your control are those excuses that bring with it a major life crisis. It could be an unwell family member, my Husband has Type 1 Diabetes so making sure that he is healthy is up there on the priority list. It could be a work crisis or even a family pet, I know I would drop everything to look after our beautiful Pug Archie, he really is our baby.

So you can see how excuses can kind of just pop up everywhere and in any of those forms above. I know I’ve used them A LOT in the past but I do plan on trying to break through them and just get on with it, because honestly, everyday I do things I don’t necessarily want to do, but these things become second nature eventually.

On another note, since joining the upcoming round I’ve been trying out some of Mish’s amazing recipes and even trying some new ones which I had overlooked in past rounds. At least this way I’ll have a good idea of what I like & don’t like before the round begins in December.


12WBT Pork & Sweet Potato Mash

Can I just say, the pork & sweet potato mash was AH-mazing! Why haven’t I tried this in previous rounds? What’s wrong with me? Of course instead of nasty green beans, ew! I instead had some yummy carrot. Definitely going onto the favorites list!

Now to go and experiment some more with yummy food!


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