I Think It’s Time For Some Change

Being in your late twenties & severely overweight is never fun for anyone. Especially for someone who has been overweight for basically their entire existence. Sure I’ve lost weight before, done plenty of yo-yo-ing, but I could never really keep it off. It seems all I have to do is think about delicious, naughty foods & I find myself balloon out like a blimp ready for take off.
At my lowest weight I was sitting pretty around 75kg. Yep, I thought I was still SUPER overweight and “gross” at this weight even though I had lost roughly 30kg to get there. What was wrong with me?! I look back now and think, wow, I can’t believe I made it to a healthier weight & STILL hated myself. I would put myself through grueling workouts that I hated & restricted myself to 1200 calories or less some days, any more then that number and I dived into a body hate spiral. What I’m getting at, is the fact that I wasn’t happy, even though I had put in the hard yards I was still unhappy with my body. I never thought to praise myself for getting to a more suitable weight for my body frame.
Eventually I gave up, threw in the towel and walked away from workouts & trying to eat healthier. Fast forward 3 years and here I am, at my heaviest weight just under 140kg. Yep, I have managed to basically double my lowest weight.
BUT, I don’t hate my body anymore. Isn’t it funny how that works out. I’ve learnt to love my body. Sure I have days where I get down about being overweight, yes I know I don’t have a healthy body right now, but I think about all of the things that my body does and allows me to do and that’s what makes me love it.

I’m ready for a change though. I may only be 26, going on 27 next year, but the older I get the more scarier things are health wise. I realise that my eating & exercise habits are disastrous and that they really need to go through an overhaul.
Going to the GP recently gave me a huge wake up call. I went in there purely to refill a script but instead was weighed and told all of my surgery options, scary shit I know!
So here I am, signed back up with another round of the 12WBT because I know it works. Even though my weight is significantly higher then the first time I did a round I know it’ll still work for me if I stick to my guns and dedicate myself to the process. 

Bring on December 12th!


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